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DOUBLE DOUBLE Feb/Mar edition 2023

DISLOCATION (1992-1999), and Beyond

340 pages, 8x10 inch
Available in three versions:
Hardcover, pdf ebook and read-on-line flip book

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Ebook edition (pdf, download), US$10.00
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Hardcover edition (book-on-demand) CAD$125 
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[The Life of a Publication], written by Holly Lee

(the main article in twenty-one segments)
• It began with Lee Ka-sing’s two photo columns in the mid-eighties
• Seeded by a studio promotional publication: WORKS MAGAZINE (1988-89)
• And it began, with a transparent and translucent journey (NûNaHéDuo ZERO and GLASS issues)
• The first year
• NûNaHéDuo 1992-1995. 48 issues, 4 annuals and an index issue
• Fair Deal. A playground at the backyard
• Free-wheeling and Seeding
• The OP Print Program and OP Editions (1994-1999)
• The second stage (1996-1998), a new format
• The idea of Three: Beijing, Hong Kong and Taiwan
• DIGI zine, a side track
• OP fotogallery and NCP–the NûNaHéDuo Centre of Photography
• A tale of the other city, the OP fotogallery in Toronto (2000-2005)
• Closing of the second stage of NNHD 1999
• This side towards lens, FOTO POST and ebooks
• DISLOCATION as an ebook, Volume 14
• Landscape in flux. The Missing Volume 15, Geography issue
• The Second Life of DISLOCATION
• Recapturing time
• Thirty years
• The Unfinished. Hong Kong Streets issue